Top Tips When Choosing Wreckers

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Top Tips When Choosing Wreckers

5 February 2021
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Auto wreckers are your best bet when you need to sell your used or junk car. Many car owners experience difficulties when choosing a wrecker to purchase their cars. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to choose an auto wrecker.

Conduct Some Background Research

An internet search will reveal a lot of auto wreckers in your state. Narrow down your search by conducting extensive research on car forums and social media to determine the reputation of the various wreckers. For instance, you would want to look for wreckers with good reviews from happy customers. As a rule, the wrecker should have a licence to work in your state. 

Assess Their Recycling Policies

Assess the company's environmental protection policies. Reputable companies will recycle as much waste as they can. For example, they could sell metal parts to scrap metal dealers. On the other hand, lubricants should be drained and taken to oil change or recycling facilities.

Examine The Available Services

The wrecking company should offer a wide range of services. For instance, the company should offer towing services to and from your site. It ensures convenience since you do not have to spend time and money to ferry the vehicle to the wrecker's location. Inquire about the availability of trade-in services. For instance, it could be you want to trade your car for a newer model. If you need to trade in your car for parts, check whether the wrecking company has mechanics to remove parts from vehicles at the yard. 

Assess And Negotiate The Pricing

Contact the company and ask them to appraise your vehicle. In most cases, you will be required to give accurate details regarding the car's condition, its model, and any improvements you have made over the years. You must give an accurate description. Minor details such as new tires or an overhauled engine could significantly improve the price of your car. Refrain from providing false information. If you do, the company could penalise you or withdraw their offer. 

Check The Terms

Check the company's terms and conditions. For instance, you may be required to provide the vehicle's title and registration. If the car is not in your name, you must provide sufficient proof that you own it. Assess the terms of payment. For instance, some companies will offer instant cash while others will pay via bank transfer.  

When choosing an auto wrecker, examine the company's reputation, the available services, their pricing and the terms and conditions. 

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