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Hi, my name is John, and both my father and grandfather were auto wreckers. When I inherited the business, I turned it over to my sister because due my son's health issues, I couldn't leave my family's current location and the medical resources we have here. However, I am still extremely interested in the auto wrecking industry. If you want to muse about the future, get tips on using auto wrecking services or learn little-known inside secrets, you need to look around my blog. In this space, I plan to cover it all. Please, take a look, and if my posts entertain or help you, I hope you feel comfortable sharing them with friends.

Answers to Your Questions About Working With an Auto Wrecker

9 December 2015
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An auto wrecker usually means a junkyard that disassembles old cars and resells the useable parts, and then they may also recycle the metal and other pieces from parts that are not resalable. Taking your car to an auto wrecker or having one of their tow trucks come out to get an old car is a good way to keep its parts out of landfills and also earn a bit of money for a junked car. Read More …