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Hi, my name is John, and both my father and grandfather were auto wreckers. When I inherited the business, I turned it over to my sister because due my son's health issues, I couldn't leave my family's current location and the medical resources we have here. However, I am still extremely interested in the auto wrecking industry. If you want to muse about the future, get tips on using auto wrecking services or learn little-known inside secrets, you need to look around my blog. In this space, I plan to cover it all. Please, take a look, and if my posts entertain or help you, I hope you feel comfortable sharing them with friends.

Two Tips to Follow if You Need Rare Auto Parts

5 August 2021
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If you need rare auto parts that are hard or impossible to come by at standard auto-retail stores, here are some tips to follow. Don't buy the parts from private sellers before enquiring with an auto wrecker It might be possible to purchase, for example, a vintage car part from an online private seller, via an online auction site or marketplace. However, if you come across some auto parts being sold by a private seller, you should not immediately buy them, but should instead contact your local auto wreckers to find out if they are selling the same parts. Read More …

Top Tips When Choosing Wreckers

5 February 2021
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Auto wreckers are your best bet when you need to sell your used or junk car. Many car owners experience difficulties when choosing a wrecker to purchase their cars. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to choose an auto wrecker. Conduct Some Background Research An internet search will reveal a lot of auto wreckers in your state. Narrow down your search by conducting extensive research on car forums and social media to determine the reputation of the various wreckers. Read More …