Top tips for disposing of your old car

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Top tips for disposing of your old car

13 April 2016
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Once you've upgraded your vehicle, having the old one sitting in your driveway can be frustrating- and getting rid of it might not be as easy as you'd hoped. If you're having trouble disposing of your old car, check out these top tips. 

Sell it

The most financially appealing way to dispose of an old car is to sell it, but   popping a 'for sale' sign in the window and just waiting for someone to call can be a demoralising process. Widen your net of potential buyers by advertising your vehicle online- list it for sale on your local 'buy, swap, sell' pages on Facebook, or pop an ad on Gumtree or CarSales websites. When advertising online, provide as many details about the vehicle as possible, and include several good-quality photos that show the vehicle's pros and cons. A realistic asking price and willingness to negotiate will also help you to sell your old car quickly and painlessly. If you are not sure what your vehicle is worth, use one of several free online car valuation tools- try CarPoint, RedBook, or CarsGuide.

Scrap it

If your car is in poor condition, has very high kilometres or isn't roadworthy, it may be time to consider sending your car to a scrap yard or auto wreckers. While you may get little or no money from your local scrap merchant or auto wrecker for your vehicle, they will collect it and take almost any vehicle in any condition. This is ideal for cars that are not registered, roadworthy or driveable, as you don't need to worry about tow costs.

If some of your car's shell and mechanics are still in good condition and you have some time and space on your hands, you may wish to sell your car for parts yourself. This usually involves taking charge of selling individual parts yourself, either online or through a spare parts publication. The process may be labourious, but you can make more money than selling it to an auto wreckers, and when you've sold anything of value you can have your local scrap merchant pick up the shell for free.

Gift it

If you're feeling generous and virtuous, consider giving your car away to someone locally who can truly benefit from car transportation. Contact your favourite local charity organisation to connect you with someone in need in your area. Alternatively, if you live in a metropolitan area you can donate your car to Kids Under Cover- a charity who picks up and auctions your donated vehicle and uses 100% of the proceeds to help homeless youth.