Two Tips to Follow if You Need Rare Auto Parts

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Two Tips to Follow if You Need Rare Auto Parts

5 August 2021
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If you need rare auto parts that are hard or impossible to come by at standard auto-retail stores, here are some tips to follow.

Don't buy the parts from private sellers before enquiring with an auto wrecker

It might be possible to purchase, for example, a vintage car part from an online private seller, via an online auction site or marketplace. However, if you come across some auto parts being sold by a private seller, you should not immediately buy them, but should instead contact your local auto wreckers to find out if they are selling the same parts.

The reason for this is that whilst private sellers will often sell rare auto parts at a premium (precisely because they are rare and the sellers know that many people who desperately need these parts will be prepared to pay a lot for them), auto wreckers will often sell off vehicle parts for a more reasonable price, even if the parts in question are hard to come by.

As such, if you take just a few minutes to call up your local auto wreckers and ask if they have the auto parts you've spotted being sold privately online, you might be able to get these items for a much more reasonable price. You'll also get a chance to evaluate the used parts in person before deciding if they're in good enough condition for your vehicle.

Keep checking in with your local auto wreckers if you cannot immediately find the required part

If after contacting all of the auto wreckers in your area and searching for the auto parts you need online on marketplaces or auction sites, you cannot find them, don't give up. Instead, continue to pop over to or call up the auto wreckers once or twice a week.

The reason for this is that most auto wreckers receive several scrapped vehicles each day. As such, even if they don't have the auto parts you need on one particular day, it's entirely possible that they might have it the following day or week. By contacting them regularly (or asking them to keep your contact details and call you if the components show up), you should eventually be able to get your hands on the parts you need. Whilst this may require some patience and persistence, you could potentially get lucky and end up receiving the parts within days (particularly if the auto wreckers in your area are large and receive lots of vehicles on a daily basis).